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Hearing Aid Repair


Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Advanced Audiology of Greater Omaha is committed to help you no matter where you are on your hearing loss journey. From hearing tests and fittings, to verifications and repairs, we strive to earn your trust and satisfaction! We are here to educate, answer your questions, provide the proper diagnosis, and to make sure you are comfortable with the hearing loss solutions presented to you.

Hearing Aid Repair Service Made Simple

At Advanced Audiology of Greater Omaha, we offer a wide variety of hearing aid repairs. You’d be surprised how many people walk around every day with easy-to-fix issues that hinder the quality of their hearing. If your hearing aid whistles or howls when you insert it, if it is weak, produces no sound, distorted sound or just doesn’t seem quite right, we can help.


Repair When?

How do you know when your hearing aids might need to be repaired? Common issues might start small and worsen gradually, making them difficult to detect. In addition, many people who use hearing aids aren’t aware of the relatively simple fixes available for a wide variety of problems, like:

If your hearing aid emits a noise when you put it in, the problem could be:

  • Not properly inserted
  • Earwax buildup
  • Not calibrated or programmed properly
  • Earmold no longer fits properly

If the sound of your hearing aid is distorted or not clear the problem could be:

  • An issue with the battery or battery contacts
  • Moisture related issue with the speaker, receiver or microphone
  • Wax build up in the hearing aid or in your ear
  • Broken tubing

If your hearing aid is not working at all and you have tried changing the battery, the problem could be:

  • Wax buildup in the tubing, wax guard or filter
  • Moisture related problems with the microphone or speaker
  • Corrosion on the battery contacts
  • Moisture buildup in the ear hook or tubing

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